Best Torrent to Direct Download In the Cloud


The many torrent websites are shutdown for piracy. but, millions of people are using torrent technology to download file faster. but is does not secure and is boring way to download.
in some countries has very low internet speed and they are unable to download some useful stuff on the web. The torrent leeching services, downloading torrents are isn’t easiest or safest thing in the world, some people are not have very fastest internet in some city, internet not at low-cost.

I am also using torrent service. but I did not have time downlod larger files I want to save file on the web and download it latter at full speed and its FREE.
Bitport is the best choice to downloading torrent stuff on the web using cloud technology.
Your Torrent Cloud start works instantly and is free.

Torrent + Cloud + Protection =
All you have to do is simple copy and paste the torrent link or upload the torrent from the download site and get started.
Bitport allow you to add upto 10 torrents at same time.

What benefits can I get?
Unclog your internet connection
Compatible with mobile devicess
Hide your IP
Replace your torrent client
Secure cloud space
No File Size Limit
Almost unlimited

How to Get Started? Easy as 1-2-3
1. Create Your Account
2. Verify Your Email
3. Start Downloading

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